Argan Oil

Moroccan oil with 85% of unsaturated fatty acids. It contains vitamin F, E and antioxidants in large quantity; efficient in hair and skin regeneration. 

The oil of Moroccan Argan tree’s fruit is a unique mixture of essential fatty acids, phytosterols, polyphenols, squalene, natural carotenoids and antioxidants. Contains the largest amount of vitamin E of all natural oils. Slows down cell-ageing, elevates skin- elasticity and optimizes its water balance. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgetic effect, it heals pimples and irritation. Recovers damaged hair structure and makes locks flexible again.

Wheat germ oil

Excellent source of antioxidants and phytosterine; contains loads of nutrients concentrated that are able to help in regenerating cells, nourishing and protecting skin.

Oil retrieved from wheat germ is peculiar because it is almost identical to grease produced by human skin. That is why it is mostly used for dry, mature skin; spectacularly repairs skin tone. But defiled and slightly blemished skin also appreciates minerals, chlorophyll, notable amount of vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids. Can be used for nail care, after sunbath and as hydrating cream. Besides its regenerating effect it is also anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.

Jojoba oil

This oil is able to solve the problem of dry and greasy skin at the same time, hence it is rich in vitamin A- E- and F- ; normalizes sebum production and creates a protective layer on the skin.

The seed oil of a fruit called jojoba is quite alike in consistence to grease produced by human skin, so that is often used for nourishing dry skin. But it’s also excellent in case of excessive sebum production, hence it normalizes this process. It protects skin’s natural acid layer and ceramids covers skin-cells, regulating its hydration this way. According to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect it is efficient against spots, but also serves well if having wrinkles and cellulite. Calms irritated skin down, stops spreading of bacteria so that it can be used for eczema and psoriasis as well.

Cocoa butter

With its high lipid this content natural moisturizer protects skin from environmental harms, and slows cell aging down.

The „Food of gods” is a fatty material created during the processings of cocoa beans. Due to large amount of vitamin E and polyphenol it contains, it prevents occurring radicals, slowing down skin aging. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, phosphor potassium and manganese. It ensures long lasting hydration and accelerates wound-healing so it is highly recommended for eczema and psoriasis. As a base material of cosmetics, it helps the other substances to soak deeply into the skin. It is also used as lubricant or even after sunbathing; it is good for tanning as well.

Coconut oil

92% of it is saturated fatty acid, which is not only good for consumption, but also outstanding in skin nutrition and treatments of its infections.

Thanks for its quite high content of lauric acid (43,2°%) the virgin oil squeezed from coconut’s coir has a nice coco scent. Contains loads of antioxidants, so that it regenerates skin cells, makes skin surfaces soft without making it greasy and destroys radicals responsible for aging processes. The union of fatty acids (lauric acid and caprylic acid) and antioxidants its antibacterial and antifungal effect it has; infections can be cured because it does not only helps in regenerating cells, but also coats them in a protective layer.

Calendula oil

The extract of marigold is known for decades in folk medicine; it is a reliable assistance in curing wounds, dry and cracked lips and inflammations.

The essence of Calendula flower enriched with sunflower oil contains flavorous, carotene xanthophylls tinctures and essential oils, all of them having antimicrobial effects, so that it is able to help ant-inflammation and regeneration on a high level. It is not only useful in everyday skin care, but in acute inflammation and wound treatment as well. Sun flower oil is needed for the extract because it contains indispensable essential fatty acids (lanoline acid, and Alfa linolenic acid) complementing the effects of calendula – it is worthy to put on dry, wounded and cracked skin.

Corn Starch

This silky dust known from the kitchen mostly as a condenser; but also it can be used as a natural cleansing material and also as a base material of cosmetics having a dehydrator effect.

Maize starch made of corn is a polymer of glucose, colourless and odourless white dust. In food industry it is used for condensing, enrichment. Its cosmetically clean version is for dust-based cosmetics such as talcum powder’s primary commodity hence it helps other dust-based ingredients sticking together. It is dehydrating, so that it is recommended for greasy skin. Excellent hygroscopic; that is why it is also an important component of deodorants.

Makadamia nut oil

Contains even more unsaturated fatty acids than olive oil; besides its nourishing affects it reduces erythema and inflammation.

The oil of macadamia tree’s drupe is from Australia. Most important of its ingredients are oleic acid and palmitoleic acid – 80% the oil consist of these. Both can be found in tallow protecting our skin. Excellently nourishes, skin softener, and slows skin’s aging processes down.

It is good for the ones having sensitive skin, for removing makeup, and for the skin care of pregnant women and babies. It has an anti-inflammatory and erythema reducing effect so it speeds up healing of bruises and reduces stretch marks appearing during pregnancy.

Ground almond shell

It is a natural material for skin scrubbing that cleans skin tenderly but intensively.

Almond shell grounded into silky dust, is used as a mechanical skin-scrubber in cosmetics. Scrubbing the skin surface makes dead epithelial disappear. At the same time, scrubbing increases blood circulation, so that metabolism will be more intense. Thereby, the other ingredients can be adsorbed more deeply, and become beneficiary in a more intense way.

Almond oil

Very popular as a base oil in the world of cosmetics, but can be applied independently for the care of most skin types, for babies and small children’s skin as well.

It is produced from the refined, sweet crops of rosaceous almond tree. Thanks to its two most important fatty acid ingredients – linolic acid and oleiric acid- it has an important role in skin protection and in abolishing skin-dryness. Reduces itches and inflammations; calms and softens the skin, so it is particularly good for eczema. Also good for dry, rough surfaces. It compounds well with essential oils, contains large amount of protein. It creates a protecting layer on skin surface, because unsaturated fatty acids, hence protecting its hydro lipid coat against external impacts such as wind and cold. Vitamin E, that’s in it, ties heavy metals that can be found in the air.

White beeswax

This wax originating form animals, besides its nourishing attributes, is a natural material augmenting consistency, with a slight effect of emulsifying; so that it is the primary commodity of creams, ointments and rouges.

Beeswax is produced by bees with their wax gland, to build honeycomb. It’s most important ingredients are free fatty acids, compounds of solid alcohol and hydrocarbons – it is yellow because of pollen’ carotene and the flavonoids of propolis. Among substances used in the world of natural cosmetics, beeswax is the richest in preservative compounds; their affect will not reduce by the passing of time. It makes skin softer, tighter, and calmer, it is cell-regenerator, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen. Also protects from Ultra Viola radiation.

Neem oil

A tropical oil, used in body lotions and hygienic formulations, hand creams and hair care products because it’s antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects.

Neem oil is squeezed out of an evergreen tropical tree’s olive-like fruit’s seeds alike to toasted sunflower seeds. It is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, and essential amino acids. Antibacterial and according to its anti-inflammatory effects it can be used for irritation, stings, and small injuries on skin surfaces or against pimples. It calms dry, itchy scalp, reduces dandruff, and strengthens hair. With persistent usage, even nail fungus can be repelled.

Ground olive seeds

It is a natural skin-scrub that cleans skin intensively but carefully and makes it silky.

Olive’s seed coat tenderly grounded is used as a skin scrubber in cosmetics. Scrubbing the surfaces makes a mechanical removal of dead epitheliums. At the same time, scrubbing intensifies blood circulation, making metabolism more intensive. Thereby, the other ingredients can be absorbed more deeply, so they become beneficiary in a more intense way.

Your skin will be fresh and appealing.

Ground cayenne pepper

A spice not only healing on the inside but on the outside as well; reanimates blood circulation, detoxifies, anesthetizes and nourishes.

This is the ground of an extremely hot type of pepper from the tropics. It is hot due to a alkaloid called capsaicin. Congestion caused by cayenne, local metabolism intensifies that’s how it seeps metabolic waste out; fresh oxygen and nutrients are brought to cells. Due to its detoxifying effect it is used against cellulites. It is rich in vitamin C and A and contains all sort of vitamin B. Helps wound healing, reduces scarring, and stops pains caused by psoriasis or herpes, hence it anesthetizes lubricated area.

Ground cinnamon

This spice with a barely hot taste is efficient against cellulite, acne, pimples and itchy irritations.

Cinnamon’s main mechanism of actions is congestion according to which other components of the cosmetic can reach a more intensive effect. Congestion sweeps metabolic waste out; fresh oxygen and nutrients are brought to cells so that skin’s oxygenation improves. That is why cinnamon is often used against cellulite. It is also useful in facial skin care; it nourishes dry skin. It is efficient in curing acne, pimpled skin, eczema and itchy scalp.

Castor oil

It is mostly liked because of it regeneration effects on nails, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows; but its also excellent for skin infections and chronic skin problems.

Castor, also called as ‘the palm of Christ’ can be found in any gardens; the oil is gathered by cold extrusion of its seeds. It contains the following fatty acids in the form of glycerines: ricinoelic acid, oleic acid, linolic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. Excellent for treating sunburn, pimples, dry skin and cellulite. It prevents the appearance of warts, fungous infections, and chronic itches. Helps in preventing stress mark’s appearance during pregnancy. It is well known for its hair, nail, eyelash and eyebrow regenerator and strengthening affect.


A plant extract may also be used as a natural sweetener; but also gives a helping hand in the fight against bacterial infections, inflammatory skin diseases.

Indians living in South-America discovered centuries ago, that the leaves of this plant from Paraguay are 30 times sweeter than sugar (its extract is 300 times sweeter, though) it is a natural sweetener. What is more, it has an antibacterial effect, good for inflammatory skin diseases. Fights against early skin aging. Its mineral content is pretty high, so that it also may be used in dental care. When dropped on small wounds, pain disappears and wound heals faster.

Oil of apricot seed

This is a skin calming and conditioning oil, that is for most skin types, especially for the ones with dry skin having a prone to for inflammation.

The oil, having the taste of marzipan is squeezed from the seed of apricot which can be reached after opening the pit of it. It contains vitamin A and C. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, regenerates skin, smoothes parenchyma of invertebrates out. It is a powerful conditioner and good in skin softening. It soothes skin; babies’ skin can be cured with it and also efficient after shave. It increases life durance of cells, and moderates varicose. Its sulphur content is beneficiary, hence without enough sulphur, hair may taper and nails may become damaged.

Pure sweet orange

The essence that improves well-being and fertilizes is used for dissolving stress; in cosmetics it is used against problematic skin e.g. wrinkled, burnt or cracked skin.

Sweet smelling sweet orange essential is extracted from the fruit’s skin, of the evergreen sweet orange tree, in China. Its major agent is limonene of 80-90% it contains. It’s a characteristic ingredient of fresh oily essentials having a lemony scent. Balances dryness and greasiness of skin. Improves the circulation of bodily surface, so that it is useful against cellulite. Increases sweating to urge a fast disappearance of metabolic waste. It is also calms skin, anti-inflammatory, purifying and fertilizing – that is why it’s valuable in cosmetic industry.

Shea butter

Long-lasting hydration, withdrawing wrinkles, easing inflammation, thank for large amount of vitamins and its content alike to human skin’s protective layer of Shea butter.

Shea butter, is a medium hard vegetable fat with sugary scent is made of a tree from Middle-Africa; Shea tree’s stone fruit. Cold extrusion keeps Shea butter’s high content of vitamin A, E, and F. Thereby its content of vitamins and its content alike to natural emulsion protection human skin, it softens and regenerates skin. Softens wrinkles, reduces skin irritations, spots. It moderates the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, reduces inflammation. Helps in wound healing, epithalizes also can be used as a mild sun protector.

Oil of grape seed

One of the most precious oils. Excellent base oil for greasy or normal skin type; has a high ability to tie free radicals and on behalf of this it slows skin aging down and raises its elasticity.

Coldly squeezed grape seed oil has an outstandingly high level in antioxidants, biophlavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids, linolic acid (one of the consistent of vitamin F), large amount of vitamin E it also has. Prevents early skin aging, is able to regenerate collagen cells, and improves the state of flabby skin. Especially for dry, mature skin. Being absorbed instantly by the skin does not leave any greasy layer on skin. Moderates sebum production.


A substance from housekeeping that cleans sterilizes and makes odours disappear.

Sodium bicarbonate is a slightly alkaline salt, dissolves well in water. Alike to its benefits in housekeeping, we use it in cosmetics because it’s cleansing effects. Sterilizer and fungicide effect it has and among this if it meets alkaline or acidic materials, it aspires to neutralize pH values, also slows down pH-value changes; thus neutralizes odours. Excellent for skin-scrubbing. Completely harmless for the environment.

Natural vitamin A

This fat-soluble vitamin helps in improving eyesight at dawn, but also helps in keeping skin healthy.

Vitamin A (or retinol) makes skin tight; hence it reduces decomposition of collagen and accelerates the formation of parenchyma of invertebrates in the depths of leather coat. Lack of vitamin A can also be seen on the skin; it dries out, starts peeling off, chacks and skin thicken around hair follicles. More and more new body lotion contains Vitamin A.

Natural vitamin E

This fat-soluble vitamin has a high content level of anti-oxidants, and its most important aim is to preserve your skin and cosmetics.

E-vitamin (a.k.a tocopherol) is something your organism uses for the prevention aging. Quite efficient against free radicals leading to skin aging; especially protects cell membranes. It is oxidant, thus free radicals rather react with them than with our body’s cells. The same mechanism of it is used while conserving cosmetics, so that it is used as a natural preserver.


Biologically clean, aseptic water.

Water, freed from ions is produced via distillation –which is boiling water than condensing of steam, containing meagre amount of minerals. Opposed to drinking water, it does not contain any inferior chemical or biological pollution, it is aseptic. Thanks to this, cosmetics stay clear as well.

Pure lavender essential oil

One of the most often used essential oils that are calming, anti-inflammatory and impulsive regarding to blood circulation.

The oil of lavender flowers is one of the rare ones that can be put on skin without any dilution. It is very effective against stings, and burns. Its precious agents are: tannins, glycoside, and saponin, essential oil (camphor) and flavonoids. Quite significant in curing psychical problems such as stress, tiredness, insomnia and anxiety. Omits headache, reduces muscular pains and arthritis. Lavender is excellent for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones.

Pure tangerine essential oil

The oil with spicy scent is calming and antimicrobial, so that is used for the improve well-being, and curing skin-problems.

The essential oil is squeezed out form the skin of Tangerine tree’s fruit in East-Asia. Its major ingredient is linonen (70.80%) and methyl-angranilic acid-methyl ester is responsible for its scent. It is one of the most vigorous anxiety relieving essential oil, and thanks to linonen, it is also has a strong antimicrobial quality. It is used as a flavour and anti-odour content in cosmetics and in perfume industry.

Pure tea-tree oil

Can be put directly on the skin, disinfectant essential oil, for exquisite use against inflammation, spots and dandruff.

Made of tea-tree leaves with steam-distillation; it is illustrious cure for infections hence it is ant fungicidal, antibacterial and antiviral, and anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system. Its medical characteristic is due to a chemical compound called terpentin-4-olt. Treats different infections (pimples, acne, and fungus) well. Urges hair growth, nourishes hair bulbs, excellent against dandruff and dry scalp as well. It is slightly numbing that is to say, analgesic.

Palmrosa oil

Hydrates dry skin, constricts greasy one, disinfects and urges cell division, so that we can even treat old wounds.

Palmrosa is a graminaceous plant from India. Its essential oil consists of geranial, geranyl acetate, and linalool. It is efficient fungicidal and antibacterial, disinfects pimples, eczema, and fungus on skin. It urges cell division so that it can be useful in analeptic and regenerating creams. Good for all skin types, optimizes sebum production, and renews aging skin. If using persistently, it makes the places of old spots disappear. It urges lymph circulation, and aromatizes also.

Sage oil

One of the most useful herbs which appears in deodorants due to its antiperspirant and wound-healing effect.

In Hungary only the cultivated sage is medicinal, the wild isn’t. From cosmetic aspect its most important feature that it regulates perspiration. Dries the wounds, and stops bleeding. The antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects of sage are indicated by laboratory experiments. Contains powerful antioxidants. Also several internal medicine effects of the plant are known, from diabetes to gynecological problems it helps in the treatment of many diseases.

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